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About Marlow's Rottweilers

We are a home-based kennel that breeds Rottweilers in a home environment. Our Rottweilers are very well cared for and treated with the proper respect they deserve. All of our Rottweilers are OFA registered in their hips, elbows, hearts as well as AKC registered. They are very friendly and great with their puppies.

We got our first female Rottweiler, Arabella. in 2011 when she was 8 weeks old. We started breeding Arabella in 2014, and she had her first litter of puppies in February 2014. In December, 2014 we kept one of her pups, Emma. We got 2 more females, Abby and Gracie in 2015 and a male, Trump, in February 2016. They are all AKC registered and well behaved.

We are very passionate when it comes to breeding Rottweilers and we take very good care of the Rottweilers we breed and the litters we have. They are all well fed and given a great environment exercise and play in. We always let our dogs have free space to run and we socialize all of our pups.  They are raised with kids and cats as well.  We give all of our puppies from every litter the proper medications they need and take very good care of them.  They are wormed at 3,5, and 7 weeks old with Strongid, Pancure, and Valbazen respectively.  They also receive a 4 week shot of Neopar, a 6 week shot of 5 in 1 and then again at the Vet Certification at 8 weeks old when they receive their health certificates.

We love our Rottweilers!

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